At this point, we assume you know what are the steps to migrate your Ghost site to FirePress. There could be some downtime and that's why we need good communication at the point. Just help us to help your website being online 😊.

  1. Send us the files needs as explained here.
  2. We will prepare your site on our servers (but I won't launch it yet).
  3. We will ask you to set your DNS depending on the three options you want.
  4. Shoot us an email to confirm you pointed your DNS to our server (does not apply if we manage the DNS for you).
  5. We wait till DNS points to our servers. It usually takes less than two hours.
  6. We will launch your website.
  7. Our system will generate the SSL/TLS certificates (you know the https://)
  8. At this point, your site is up and running!

Why this little downtime? It's very technical. To generate TLS certificate to the LetsEncrypt server, your DNS must point to our servers. LetsEncrypt limits for a perfectly reasonable reason the number of a request that can be made on their servers. Requesting certificates without having your domain name pointing to our server is considered as spam.

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