This CHANGELOG tracks what you need to know regarding the Ghost updates. It focuses on new features visible for our clients at FirePress. It's an abstract from the releases found on Github.

You might also be curious to know about our Docker image changelog here. In the screenshot below, you see that our  Docker images for Ghost are rebuilt every day. It's these images that run your Ghost site. Refer to How do we update hundreds of Ghost's websites on Docker Swarm? for more details.


Updated: 2021-05-28

  • ✨ Added error message from limit service to theme upload
  • ✨ Simplified management of membership settings
  • ✨ Reverted ability to set post access level to labels
  • ✨ Added custom product settings and multiple price support
  • ✨ Added support for gating content by member labels and products
  • ✨ Added label and product options for email recipients
  • ✨ Added ability to send a newsletter to members with a certain label or product
  • ✨ Added default newsletter recipients setting
  • ✨ Added @site.signup_url data property for themes
  • ✨ Added option to disable member subscriptions
  • 🔒 Added a way to hide the secret settings once they are set
  • logs


Updated: 2021-05-06

  • 🔒 Removed unused and insecure preview endpoint
  • ✨ Added ability to bulk delete members by label or status
  • logs


  • ✨ Added activity feed to member details screen
  • ✨ Added new members CSV importer
  • ✨ Added email stats overview to member details page
  • ✨ Added open-rate column and ordering to the members list
  • ✨ Added email.open_rate order option to posts api
  • ✨ Added new FirstPromoter integration
  • ✨ Updated newsletter design to use accent color


  • ✨ Added activity feed to member details screen
  • ✨ Added new members CSV importer
  • ✨ Added email stats overview to member details page
  • ✨ Added open-rate column and ordering to the members list


  • ✨ Added email open rate to posts list in admin
  • ✨ Added cancellation reason to Members UI
  • ✨ Supported custom redirects for member signup
  • ✨ Added new portal links for plan checkout


  • ✨ Added newsletter design settings
  • ✨ Allowed sending newsletter to free members only
  • ✨ Added .yaml format support in redirects configuration


  • ✨ Enabled Portal
  • ✨ Added snippets feature to editor


  • ✨ Added Ctrl/Cmd+P shortcut in editor to open preview in new tab


  • ✨ Update Members to sync email changes with Stripe
  • ✨ Added support for data-members-name in themes


  • ✨ Added support for Stripe promo codes in config


  • ✨ Added Location header to API's POST request responses


  • ✨ Added new support and reply-to address for members


  • ✨ Added subscription cancellation button to member page
  • ✨ Added admin endpoint for editing member subscription


  • ✨ Allowed Admin users to impersonate members


  • ✨ Added Admin API v3 stable endpoint for webhooks


  • ✨ Updated members deletion to optionally cancel Stripe subscriptions


  • ✨ Added UI for AMP GA Tracking ID


  • ✨ Added UI for setting tag metadata


  • 🎨 New Google AMP template


  • ✨ Switched on Stripe Connect by default


  • ✨ Added INR currency support
  • ✨ Added all/free/paid filter to members admin screen


  • ✨ Added responsive-image srcset attribute to image and gallery card output
  • ✨ Added access level filter to posts and pages lists in admin
  • ✨ Allowed domain change for members "from" address
  • ✨ Switched per-user custom views to shared custom views


  • ✨ Improved performance of members admin screens
  • ✨ Added ?search= param to Admin API members endpoint


  • ✨ Added Admin API endpoint for basic member stats


  • ✨ Added success indicator for members magic links


  • ✨ Improved password reset and session invalidation for "locked" users
  • ✨ Added regenerate button to integration api keys
  • ✨ Improved display of video embed cards in member emails


  • ✨ Added "Email" card for inserting content that only appears when emailing posts to members
  • ✨ Added description and logo to admin/site endpoint


  • ✨ Added custom currency support for Member's plans


  • ✨ Added member's geographic location to admin
  • ✨ Added capture of geolocation during member signup
  • ✨ Added member impersonation
  • ✨ Added handling allowing members to edit their billing info


  • ✨ Added member.avatar_image for member gravatars in themes


  • ✨Added labels for Members


  • ✨ Added new fields to members CSV import
  • ✨ Added default and custom post views (filters) to the admin sidebar
  • 💄Added shadow to What's new footer


  • ✨ Added ability to give members complimentary subscriptions
  • ✨ Added {{price}} helper for formatting stripe amounts


  • ✨ Enabled manual typing of post publish dates
  • ✨ Allowed pages to accept HTML as a source


  • ✨ Added members growth chart
  • ✨ Added member's subscription cancellation helper {{cancel_link}}


  • ✨ Added the ability to email posts to all subscribed members when publishing
  • ✨ Added support for secondary navigation
  • ✨ Improved adding first members on no-members screen
  • ✨ Added member "add" screen
  • ✨ Added Secondary Navigation


  • ✨ Added members + subscriptions labs feature
  • ✨ Added v3 Content and Admin APIs
  • 🔒 Fully separated front-end and admin when a separate admin URL is configured
  • 🔒 Added admin:redirects config option for disabling admin redirects
  • ✨ Added no-image class to content w/o feature_image
  • ✨ Added member.edited webhook
  • ✨ Added member.deleted webhook


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