The most crucial feature of play-with-ghost, is having the ability to access the admin panel of many websites that were created with Ghost.

I other words, you can mess around with a bunch of websites made with Ghost within some dedicated sandboxes. Those sandboxes restore (content and themes) automatically every 30 minutes.

You can see play-with-ghost as a playground to experiment and learn about Ghost. Just use the login [email protected] / firepress1 and you are good to go!

  Try Ghost on the spot

Things you can do:

  • Create/edit/delete a post (or a page) as easily as sending an email
  • Create/edit/delete URL
  • Upload pictures
  • If you prefer, use markdown to edit your content (look for the style guide page to find inspiration)
  • Embed videos, Soundcloud podcast, etc.
  • Organise the navigation menu
  • Backups your content (import and export them)
  • Accept payments and embed an e-commerce store
  • Create/edit/delete authors
  • and more!

Limitations to consider:

  1. Restore — A live demo website will reboot and reset itself every 30 mins. (It's pretty much like listening to a Mission Impossible message.)
  2. Error 404 — Chance are, nothing is broken. When the system restores the live demo, it takes about 30 secs to reboot. If you are curious, see what's happening under the hood.
  3. Stranger things — A live demo website is open to everyone. It means other people will do edits at the same time as you are. Don't be surprised if the content is changing and you didn't touch it.
  4. You are not alone — Please don't insert inappropriate content or do something stupid like deleting all the content. This place is like a park, and everyone wants to enjoy it.

Have fun!