I believe the reason why we want a website is we are craving an impresario that speaks in our name, an impresario that represents us.

When I ask people why they want a website, I hear these kinds of answers:

  • I want more followers
  • I want to show off my portfolio
  • I want to show I am a professional
  • Every company is doing it, so I need one as well
  • I want to sell my product/services online
  • I want to make more leads and sales
  • Hell! I want to make money!

Of course money. But here, money is the result of what we do, not why we are doing it. It’s way too limiting.

I thought long and hard about this question and here is the best answer I could come up with.

I believe that everyone of us and all organizations really, are craving an impresario that represents us.

Let me repeat this. I believe the reason why we want a website is that we CRAAAA-VE an impresario that speaks in our name, an impresario that represents us.

Who doesn't want to have someone or an entity that will speak up and talk about:

  • How great you are
  • How cool you are
  • How much you can be trusted
  • How serious you are to have built this brand
  • And hopefully on the other side of that coin, how human we are to not hide behind a logo

Who doesn't want that? It's every entrepreneur's dream if you ask me.

Actually, this is what we do at FirePress. It's our mission.

At FirePress, our mission is to empower freelancers and small organizations to build an outstanding mobile-first website.

Because we believe your website should speak up in your name, we consider our mission completed once your website has become your impresario.

I believe

I believe most of us are looking to put on our own touch, to make a little difference in how the world should be.

I believe we should plant our flag on the Web (and if you ask me... stop relying on only renting a flat on social networks). This flag does not represent a country, but instead, it tells a story about who we are, what we do and why we are doing it.

I believe that a brand is more than anything, a promise that we can execute with our offer.

I believe trust is one of the most important assets we can own and this trust can only be built by people who are playing for the long term, by people who are not looking for a shortcut.

I believe freelancers and small businesses don't wait to get picked, but instead they create their windows of opportunities.

I believe marketing wants to accomplish three things:

  • Create awareness
  • Build trust and
  • Drive people to act

It's for you

I believe most people expect to have everything available on our phones. This belief is the main reason why I decided to build FirePress. It's for people like you:

  • The freelancer
  • The artist at heart
  • The creator, the builders, the makers
  • The woman who leads
  • The man who takes charge

It's for the ones who believe in a cause greater than themselves. It's for the ones who can say, "Here, I made this, and if you like it, I can do this for you too."

Remember the impresario I just talked about? Well... Go for it and meet your impresario on this place you call your website. Let it speak up for you.

Oh... and one last thing. Can we find you and what you have to offer on this phone?

If the answer is not a big hell yes!! ... let me help you.

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Hear it

The text above is one of the first things I did when I decided to launch FirePress. I recorded it to make sure I'm staying focused on the mission.

Pascal Andy β€” Founder at FirePress πŸ”₯πŸ“°

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