If for any reason you would like to cancel your plan, we will respect your decision. No nasty lock-in at FirePress. We refund a ratio over the period which is calculated in weeks. Here are the refund's conditions:

  • We will keep the equivalent of twelve hosting weeks for management fees. This includes the credit card fees.
  • If your domain was bought by FirePress, we will subtract the cost-related.
  • If your domain was set up and managed by FirePress, we will charge you a $35 fee to set up a transfer to another registrar or each time we have to point the domain to another server.

Calculation example

In this example, we would refund $51.15 after hosting your site for 26 weeks:

Fixed fees 12w
Utilization 26w
Ratio $190 - ($190 * ((12w + 26w) / 52w)) = $51.15

Refund Table

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