Your first 30 days are risk free

We offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee, in the case you change your mind.

  • Your domain name is not refundable which worth 20$.
  • We will transfer your domain to the registrar of your choice.

30 days your sign up

If for any reason you would like to cancel your plan, we will respect your decision and make it easy for you cancel your plan with us. No nasty lock-in. Here are the conditions:

Domain name

  • Your domain name is not refundable. In general, your domain name cost $20 per year. FirePress doesn't have control over this cost, as this is managed by a third-party domain registrar. Some domain are premium and we have no control regarding their prices. Some people's job is to speculate on domain name.
  • If your domain was set up and managed by FirePress, we will charge you a $35 fee to set up a transfer to another registrar or each time we have to point the domain to another server. If you don't transfer your domain name, there will be no fees.
  • We don't process any refunds 4 weeks before a plan was supposed to be renewed, in other words, after 335 days your site is still active.


  • We will refund 85% of this ratio to cover the banking fees and the administration costs. Another way to see it is that we add a 55 day usage fee to the sum of the days your site was active.
  • From here, we charge a ratio over the period of time (in days) your site was active.


If your plan cost $150 for a year and 214 days later you want a refund, here is how we would calculate your refund:

Description Calculations
Fixed fees 15% X 365d = 55d
Utilization 214d + 55d = 269d
Ratio to refund 1 - (269d / 365d) = 26.30%
Sub-Total $150 X 26.30% = $39.45
Domain name fee $39.45 - $20 = $19.45
Total $19.45

Within 10 days, we would refund $19.45. We believe it's a fair way to do business even in the case you would decide to move on.

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