If for any reason you would like to cancel your plan, we will respect your decision and make it easy for you cancel your plan with us. No nasty lock-in. Here are the conditions:

Domain name

  • Your domain name is not refundable. In general, your domain name cost about $20 per year. FirePress doesn't have control over this cost, as this is managed by a third-party domain registrar.
  • If your domain was set up and managed by FirePress, we will charge you a $35 fee to set up a transfer to another registrar or each time we have to point the domain to another server. If you don't transfer your domain name, there will be no fees.
  • We don't process any refunds 4 weeks before a plan was supposed to be renewed, in other words, after 335 days your site is still active.


  • We will refund 85% of this ratio to cover the banking fees and the administration costs. Another way to see it is that we add a 55 day usage fee to the sum of the days your site was active.
  • From here, we charge a ratio over the period of time (in days) your site was active.


If your plan cost $150 for a year and 214 days later you want a refund, here is how we would calculate your refund:

Description Calculations
Fixed fees 15% X 365d = 55d
Utilization 214d + 55d = 269d
Ratio to refund 1 - (269d / 365d) = 26.30%
Sub-Total $150 X 26.30% = $39.45
Domain name fee $39.45 - $20 = $19.45
Total $19.45

Within 10 days, we would refund $19.45. We believe it's a fair way to do business even in the case you would decide to move on.