Having a homepage is optional, but it's a powerful feature. It's the default page your visitors come across. Homepages are also referred to as a splash page, as a static page or as a lead page.

A homepage is the best way to focus the user's experience and guide your visitors into a specific part of your website, which is managed by Ghost. It's design can be totally different than the pages managed by Ghost.


Another way of seeing it is to say :

  • the homepage (pascalandy.com) lives under root /
  • the /blog lives under a subdirectory

What should your visitors see first?

For you that might be:

  • your contact page
  • your service page
  • your product page
  • your blog

The experience you imagine for your visitors is up to you.

Per example, Martine Nadal runs a communication agency. The main element she wants her visitors to see is her portfolio. See how she uses this call to action (CTA) button to control the user's experience on her website. The CTA could have pointed to a contact page or a service page as well. In this case, her portfolio is her impresario. It's the most important part of her website.

In this case, her portfolio is her impresario. It's the most important part of her website.



As the owner of your website, you can use any static page you want. You could download this landing page, tweak it and host it in front of your Ghost website.

Condition β€” You must have an active plan with us prior to adding a homepage in front of your Ghost's website.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more details.

Upgrading your plan

Can I upgrade a "Ghost only" plan to a "Ghost with landing page" plan?


The cost of hosting a custom homepage is only 60$ per year in addition to the regular hosting cost for Ghost.

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