In March 2021, Ghost v4.0 was finally released. It's an eight years old platform build on top of Node JS. You got so much out of it:

  • the best CMS/blog
  • a membership 0% fees based on @stripe (recurring revenues). In other words, FirePress doesn't take a commission on top of it. Only Stripe fees apply
  • a great newsletter platform to send emails to your members
  • a blazing-fast website
  • a great theme selection

How does it Work Together?

  • Ghost is the core software to manage your website.
  • We at FirePress manages your Ghost installation for you. It's a fully managed service. We are your hosting company.
  • Mailgun to send transactional emails (newsletter) from Ghost via an API. Those emails are sent to your members. It's managed by FirePress. To see what's included in your plan: Are there any limits on transactional emails?
  • The memberships are managed within Ghost. You can configure three subscription plans within Ghost: Free, Monthly, Yearly payments. The limitation is that you can have only one plan for a monthly subscription AND only one plan for a yearly subscription. In other words. you can't have a "basic", "regular", "premium" plans. This is not made to sell products but subscriptions.
  • Stripe is the payment gateway between your clients and your subscription plans. You will need a Stripe account. Then, you must link your Stripe account with Ghost. There is nothing technical here, it's a simple configuration :)

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