To migrate your Ghost website to FirePress, we assume you know how to configure your domain or DNS to FirePress servers. Simply follow these steps. You will need to send us your ghost/content/* directory.

Migration requirements

  1. Request or get the ghost/content/* directory from your website.
  2. Export/backup your content (it's a *.json file). Go to: Admin panel > Labs > Migration options > Export. From there, download your *.json file on your computer.
  3. Compress (zip) ghost/content/* directory and the *.json file.
  4. Upload your zip file using ,, JumpShare, or a similar service.
  5. Send us a link where we can download this zip file at relations AT
  6. Please don't send the zip files directly within an email because it takes too much space.
  7. If you need help for the migration, we can help for a fee. Contact us for details.

About the ghost/content/ directory

You as the end-user, cannot download the ghost/content/* directory from your Admin Panel. It must be done by the people (like a system admin) who have access to your server. This directory contains the images, database, logs, settings, themes, etc.


Some downtime might happen during the migration. Please refer to this post to understand why.

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