A) Trial: Set up your new site

Great, you just started your trial period at FirePress! Please watch the video below to configure your Ghost's website for the first time.

B) Select your hosting plan

If you are happy with the experience you had during your trial, it's time for you to select a hosting plan. All details on our pricing page. We also wrote a post about the 8 reasons to host your Ghost website on FirePress.

C) Once your payment is processed

Now you are ready to host your site on FirePress. Please answer these questions to help us to serve you quickly:

  1. What is your domain name?
  2. Which domain configuration do you want? (Hosting options: A, B, C) Here are the details about the DNS configuration.
  3. Do you already have an active Ghost website? (Yes/No). Here are the details about the migration process.
  4. Do you plan to have a homepage in front of your Ghost installation? (Yes/No). Here are the details about the homepage option.

What you need to know about Mailgun

Every plan we offer comes pre-configured with Mailgun (SMTP and API keys). We manage these configs for you when you choose hosting options A or B.

Our plans include sending transactional emails (newsletter to your members) for the first 1000 emails sent/month. See details here Are there any limits on transactional emails?

No lock-in

In everything we do, we avoid locking you in. We make it easy and cheap to migrate in or out. Since November 2020, you can even manage (create, upgrade, downgrade, cancel) your hosting plan(s) directly within your Stripe account. In other words, there is no need to contact us to cancel your hosting plan(s). Stripe is the gateway payment processor between your credit card and us.

No lock-in also means you have options. Once your payment is processed, let us know how you would like to configure your website.

Documentation & How-To

Our search engine works smoothly, and our How-To section is exhaustive. I'll be glad to publish a video or to write a tutorial for every question you may have.

For example, once your website is running smoothly, you might be interested in Mailgun configurations to set the newsletter and membership feature built-in Ghost.

Also, I'll be glad to give you a 30-min private session to set up your site quickly and show you all the little details I learned over the years. I'm very active on Twitter @askpascalandy if you prefer this channel.

Happy publishing!
Pascal Andy

P.S. By the way, my job around here is to care.

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