Scale your content strategy on FirePress.

All plans include

  • ☁️ A fully managed hosting solution for Ghost.
  • 🌇 The option to add a custom homepage page in front of your Ghost installation.
  • 🧑 Unlimited staff users (see team section).
  • 🍿 Unlimited visits & traffic bandwidth
  • 📷 Upload up to 500 pictures /month. (This is only to prevent abuse. Just don't try to start the next Instagram over here.)
  • 👩‍🎨 Many pre-installed themes (you can add your themes as well).
  • ⚡️ Blazing fast performances & CDN caching powered by CloudFlare.
  • 🔐 Automatic SSL (https).
  • DDoS attack mitigation.
  • 🔄 Automatic weekly updates.
  • 💾 Automatic daily backup. Backups are encrypted and transferred outside our servers cluster (cold storage). We back up your database every four hours and we back up your whole Ghost installation (pictures, themes, database) every 24 hours.
  • 🔥 Threat & uptime management with an SLA of 99.999%. This represents 26 sec per month or 5m15 per year of potential downtime. See our uptime status dashboard.

In plain english

We manage the whole backend for you. Our servers runs on Linux OS, highly available (HA) configurations that orchestrate services (containers), load balancer, CI/CD automations, zero-downtime deployments and other DevOps best-practices.

Other considerations:

  1. USD currency.
  2. By reserving your place today, you will lock this price for life.
  3. We accept all major credit cards. Your payment info is stored and processed securely by Stripe and never touches our servers.
  4. Because we fully manage everything for you, we don't allow our clients to connect via SSH or FTP to access their Ghost installation. We could arrange some custom configuration. Per example: you want to push your landing page from a git repo, you want to set up a CI/CD process on your Ghost theme, etc.

Landing page

You can have a landing page in front of your Ghost installation. Click here for all details.

Other services

Some custom requests require manual work and/or custom configurations:

Transfer your existing domain name to us, so you don't have to manage it yourself. (One-time fee). $25
Give you the full backup of your site. $50
Set a "once a week" backup to your Backblaze B2 account. $75
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