This post is for you if you are now at a point where contacting your clients using [email protected] doesn't feel right anymore. As you are building a website that will become your impresario, and you know you have to step up your game.

The good news is that you did that hard work already. You have a website running on Ghost or another platform.

The next step is to find where you will host your email. One obvious choice would be to go with Gmail Suite for businesses. This would cost you 6$/month per user.

So if you plan to use five emails accounts like:

you are already spending 30$/month or 360$/year for emails (and the overall Google app eco-system).

Alternative to Gmail

Gmail Suite is a great product, but there are cheaper alternatives to keep in mind.

At FirePress, we use Zoho Mail. They provide very a similar app eco-system as Google Suite but at an irresistible price. They offer a free email hosting solution, up to five users. Try to beat this!

Avoid this trap

Many hosting providers will try to sell you a crappy email hosting plan. I heard so many horror stories from every kind of businesses over the years.

This is the kind of system you want to avoid at all cost.

At FirePress, we will never try to sell you a suboptimal solution to make a quick buck.

Take action

You can set this up by yourself with some work. It's tricky, but Zoho's documentation is excellent.

If you are hosting your site with us at FirePress:

  • You don't have to configure anything at the DNS level. Just remember that we manage your DNS for you. That's because you already forwarded the nameservers with us.
  • We manage your DNS within Cloudflare for you
  • The only thing you have to do, is to send us the five DNS values Zoho will tell you to update. This is how it looks like:
The five values you have to send us.

Configure your email clients

Once your DNS are set up, you will need to configure your email clients on your phones and computers.

Zoho have a nice App for your smartphone as well:

Let us do it

If you prefer, we can set it up for you. There is a one-time fee to do this task, as we will do a one-on-one consultation with you.

Happy email everyone!

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