In a case where something goes wrong with your Ghost's website or within our servers, you don't have anything to do. We include many services in your plan and backups are part of it.

Three ways to access your data

1) You can (and you should) export your data by using the export function within Ghost. This only export your data. Your pictures and your theme(s) are not part of this export. This feature is not available from the admin panel.

2) Owning your data, having a no lock-in mentality is at the core of what we do at FirePress. You can request your complete data generated with your Ghost site. See our fees here to do this action.

3) Enterprise requirements — If you would like to have a backup stored somewhere you own, we have a custom solution for you. You would need to open a Backblaze B2 account. They offer 10 GB of free storage. We will push full backups to your Backblaze account every 24 hours. The advantage of B2 is that you have access to a friendly GUI while we can push your backups via API. See our fees here to implement such a solution.

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