Many people love Ghost and they are not shy to say it:

[...] It's been 434 blog posts over six and a half years. It's gone from being excited about a hundred visitors in a week to hundreds of thousands on a big day. It's taken me from a hobby to a career. In so many ways, this blog has defined who I am and what I do today but finally, it was time for a change.

[...] Switching to Ghost. Last year I had to create a new blog. Not for me, mind you, rather for my wife, Kylie. I wanted something she could self-manage and that was a good, modern day platform. I looked at WordPress options but there were a number of things that just didn't sit well with me on that front. One of them was the sheer scale of security issues they have and before you interject, yes, I know that's usually because of third party add-ons, yet the ecosystem still facilitates this. Then there was just the multitude of things that WordPress sites do that she simply didn't need - all she wanted was a blog, not add-ons and forms and other things that were ancillary to the simple objective of just creating a blog.

(from Troy Hunt)

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