Many people love Ghost and they are not shy about saying it.


Just moved @humbot_io's blog from @Medium to @TryGhost and can recommend it for a company blog (still using Medium for personal). WordPress is too bloated and Medium's signup popup is annoying. Ghost feels just right and is worth every penny. (from this tweet)

   — Can Olcer


The reason I am moving my content away from @Medium to my own website. The deal was: I give you content, you give me readers. But if you hinder people from reading my stuff, I am gone. (from this tweet)

   — Luca



The new @TryGhost interface for writing is gorgeous. (from this tweet)

   — Rui Peres


Moved my blog to @TryGhost and couldn't be happier. Great support, great performance and overall very smooth process. (from this tweet)

   — Kenneth Truyers



Spent a couple of hours re-designing our blog with @TryGhost. Have to say I'm really impressed. Love the stripped down, minimal approach. Nice work guys! (from this tweet)

   — Rod Richmond


Testing @buffer integration with the awesome @tryghost via the funky @zapier tools :) I love all these solutions (from this tweet)

   — Keran McKenzie



It's my first time to use @TryGhost. Actually, it's one of the best Publishing Platforms I've ever seen. Neat UI, speed, and more features ❤️. (from this tweet)

   — Ahmed


Have set up a @TryGhost website for my wife and I really recommend it - a great alternative to the all-powerful @WordPress. Lightweight, clean, easy to administer. (from this tweet)

   — Owen Symes


One of many reasons I love Ghost. (from this tweet)

   — Levi Bostian


Moved what little blog I have over to @TryGhost today. Really nice clean system, so nice to get away from Wordpress. Now just to actually write more content! (from this tweet)

   — melodiouscode


Want a blog platform that’s as easy to use as your writing app? @TryGhost might be the tool for you. (from this tweet)

   — Matthew Guay


My personal website now actually contains content and isn't just a redirect. Thanks @TryGhost for the awesome platform and thanks @justgoodthemes for the epic theme! (from this tweet)

   — Omar Bahareth


I really, really like the new @TryGhost markdown editor. 👍 (from this tweet)

   — Yaakov


Having used @WordPress on and off for over 10 years, I must say I absolutely love @TryGhost. It has all the best parts of WP and the best parts of @jekyllrb all together. (from this tweet)

   — Vivan Jayant


@TryGhost looks pretty nice, in case you don't want the hassle. I use it for my blog. (from this tweet)

   — Caitlin McCann


Starting to fall in love with @TryGhost. Simple (does one thing great), open source, beautiful, extendable, runs on Azure, not Wordpress. (from this tweet)

   — Thomas Ardal



DuckDuckgo Team: For a Blogger alternative, check out @TryGhost which we use for . There's a hosted (paid) & self-install version, it's tracker-free by default & run by a non-profit foundation. (from this tweet)

   — DuckDuckGo


Do you want try @TryGhost ! Looks like it would be simpler than Wordpress...! After all, blogging should be simpler! (from this tweet)

   — Rafiudeen Chozhan K


I have used @TryGhost for side projects and personal blogs. It's really nice and easy to use 🙂 (from this tweet)

   — Enric Enrich


@TryGhost is now working incredibly well. Setting up new blogs takes moments. Very impressed and a joy to use. Time to move away from @wordpress totally. #ftw #blogging (from this tweet)

   — David Reid


Trying out @TryGhost for a few days now - impressed! No more Wordpress woes and don't have to design my own from scratch :) (from this tweet)

   — Gaurav Ramesh


btw, I love publishing on the Ghost platform so far! Great work! :) @TryGhost (from this tweet)

   — Steve Longoria


As I was doing my taxes this year, I realized that I pay for more software than I thought. But these products are worth every penny: @evernote @TryGhost @ConvertKit @1Password and @airmailer (from this tweet)

   — Jimmy Daly


@TryGhost we're absolutely loving Ghost as a platform at @JoinCharlie – we just launched our new magazine on it, and it's been a dream! 😍 (from this tweet)

   — Tom Clarke


Just busy moving our company blog to @TryGhost. Absolutely loving the writing experience 💙 (from this tweet)

   — Leandro Thomas


[...] It's been 434 blog posts over six and a half years. It's gone from being excited about a hundred visitors in a week to hundreds of thousands on a big day. It's taken me from a hobby to a career. In so many ways, this blog has defined who I am and what I do today but finally, it was time for a change.

[...] Switching to Ghost. Last year I had to create a new blog. Not for me, mind you, rather for my wife, Kylie. I wanted something she could self-manage and that was a good, modern day platform. I looked at WordPress options but there were a number of things that just didn't sit well with me on that front. One of them was the sheer scale of security issues they have and before you interject, yes, I know that's usually because of third party add-ons, yet the ecosystem still facilitates this. Then there was just the multitude of things that WordPress sites do that she simply didn't need - all she wanted was a blog, not add-ons and forms and other things that were ancillary to the simple objective of just creating a blog.

(from this post)

   — Troy Hunt

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