July 27th, 2017 was a very special day for me.

I've been following the Ghost projet since their Kickstarter campaign. Four years ago I was running Wordpress and I was looking for an alternative. I was in pain and when I saw the promise the Ghost's team made in 2014, I had a feeling I had to go with Ghost. At that time version 0.4 was out.

July 27th, 2017 was a very special day for me. The Ghost's team had launched Ghost version 1.0.

When the release candidates for Ghost 1.0 were available publicly, I was anxious to see if I had made a good decision to bet on this project. I knew my guess was right when I realized that a lot of people believed in this project as well. More than 1,600 people voted to say they enjoyed Ghost.


Read the comments, love is in the air ♥️.

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