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Ghost hosting and Memberships websites

Use Ghost to publish your website (CMS), to blog and to monetize your content with the built-in membership tooling.

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    « Ghost is probably the publishing platform you are looking for. Because having a blog section — a membership section — a payment gateway via stripe — a newsletter — a theme-based design and an elegant UI/UX content editor, are features you are demanding. »

    — Pascal Andy, Founder of FirePress

  • Let's play, shall we? is a playground to explore Ghost by using it and feel it. We believe Ghost is an outstanding CMS software to build websites and blogs.

    What's remarkable here, is that you have the option to log in to the admin panel of our demo sites. In short, you can try Ghost on the spot without having to sign-up! Use the dummy credentials.

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You're one click away

Because you need a website, because you tried Ghost and enjoyed the software, because our Early adopter’s hosting plan is sound, because you believe what we believe, and because it’s your turn to share with the world what you made...

We will be honoured to launch your website and give it to you for a few days. After this period, you'll be free to leave no question asked or to continue your journey with us.

No credit cards required